It’s time to pray!

We are asking everyone to pray for St Wilfrid’s, our way ahead and our community.

And if you possibly can, join us on Zoom at 7.30pm for our Prayer Hour.

There is much to consider as we start to move out of Covid. We have big decisions to make, especially regarding how we use our resources, time and money. How is God calling us to be the heart of our community? What must we do in order to grow as Jesus’ disciples and to lead others to also know him?

  • Pray that Jesus might build His Kingdom here in Cowplain, Horndean and Waterlooville
  • Pray that we might be willing disciples and witnesses and that he might use to draw others to himself
  • Pray for our local community – our key workers in the NHS, schools, Police and emergency services, carers and all who serve us
  • Pray for all who’ve been affected by Covid – bereavement, illness, isolation or financial struggles
  • And pray that through us many might come to know the risen Jesus!

Please join us for our Prayer Hour at 7.30pm on Zoom

Some resources to help you pray:

St Wilfrid’s Day of Prayer – Wednesday 5th May