1…It sounds too much like school
It might sound like it, but it isn’t really. Warm, comfortable homely surroundings. Tea/coffee & biccies on tap (usually). Friendly chat. Anything difficult is really explained. No tests,
but always the opportunity to chip in with your own thoughts
Now was your school really that good? Probably not. No comparison then. So why not give a Home Group a try?

2…I don’t know what a Bible Study Home Group is for?
Well it’s designed to serve three main purposes:
One…Fellowship…the opportunity to get to know a small group from the congregation a good deal better than you do now
Two…To take a good look at the scriptures (or some aspect of the Christian faith) and explore, with the others, what it means to us, personally, here in the 21st century
Three…To provide a good opportunity to pray together for things (and situations and people) that we’re really concerned about.

3…I won’t know anyone there
That’s unlikely. You’re almost certain to know someone, and the rest you will get to know (and appreciate) very quickly.

4…I don’t know my Bible very well and will feel foolish
There’s absolutely no need for anyone to feel foolish, because no-one will be claiming that they know all there is to know about the Bible, even the clergy. So, we can all learn things of
value, and it’s much easier to do so in the company of others (whom we can bounce our ideas and thoughts off).

5…I’m afraid that if I ask a question people will laugh at me, maybe not out loud, but they’ll think it
No, they won’t, for there’s one simple rule that all Home Groups apply, and that is… There’s no such thing as a foolish question. You’d be amazed at how often someone has the courage to ask
what they might think is a silly question, without realising that almost everyone else in the group is thinking… I’m glad they asked that because I don’t know the answer either. But, as a
result, we all get to learn something from the answer.

6…I know everything I need to know about my faith already

Really? Honestly? You have acquired the wisdom of the universe already? Well if that is really true, you shouldn’t be joining a Home Group, you should be leading one.
But seriously, as we grow in our faith, so we come to realise not what we know, but how much we don’t know; and joining a Home Group provides one painless way of redressing that imbalance.

7…I haven’t got the time.
That sounds like a really good reason…that is until we remember that there are 168 hours in the week, and probably 50-60 we spend asleep. Now ask yourself, can you really not carve out a
couple, from somewhere, in order to get to know God a bit better?

So, there you have it… some of the excuses people use to avoid joining a Bible Study Home Group, and they are excuses, not proper reasons. So why not pluck up your courage and resolve to join one?
We have at least seven groups so far, most meet weekly, most meet in the evening, and at the moment we have just the one afternoon group. Go on… give it a try. Who knows where it might lead you? Have a word with Ian or Clive and they will point you in the right direction.

Seven Good Reasons For Not Joining A Home Group – Clive Williams