“The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you” (Leviticus 25:11).

In “The Lion King”, Simba dreams that his father says “Remember, remember who you are”. We all like to keep some anniversaries to remember past events. What key memories do you have about changes in Cowplain? Perhaps we should publish a time line for the history of St. Wilfrid’s? It is nearly 100 years since this church began – and 20 years since the building was extended. If you have details of clergy or developments in the church before the time of Peter Hancock, please share them….

2017 is the 150th jubilee of another branch of the worldwide church. In 1867, Josiah Spears started children’s missions, encouraging daily Bible reading, and began Scripture Union. We have been using S.U. daily Bible notes for over 60 years. Now 150 years old, S.U. is active in 137 countries, distributing Bible reading notes in many languages. There are S.U. camps and events for young and old worldwide, with new materials and ideas – like the “Going Up” booklets for children moving schools, or our recent Light Party at Halloween.

We have been privileged to participate in the S.U. activities in Uganda, Nigeria, Lesotho, Malawi and Nepal. Probably the Lesotho experience is most memorable, because we helped translate “Daily Power” notes into “Matla a Letsatsi ka Leng” and “It’s True” into “Ka ‘Nete”.

Photo: Translating “It’s True” resources

Every ten years there is an international S.U. conference, and in 1987 we took the Lesotho chairperson, Sister Clara, to the one in Zimbabwe, and in 1997 we took the Nepal chair, Bejoy Lama, to one in Nottingham. Bejoy’s widow, Nishad, took over that role after his death, so we hope we may meet her among the overseas members in London on 6th December for the international jubilee celebrations of S.U.

Remember, Remember Who you Are – Patrick and Cynthia Whittle