Intergenerational ministry isn’t simply the concept of having all ages listening to the same sermon alongside each other, or having an illustration for the children and then moving on to the “serious, adult bit”. Instead Intergenerational services aim to have all generations gathering together, learning from each other and sharing life together.

But, this isn’t just about different ages being able to come together. We all come close to God in different ways. Some find a long, spoken talk the best way to do this; whereas I can barely cope with a 10-minute sermon without getting distracted! Others come closer to God through music, through silence, through visual aids, through rituals or through being able to do something to make a difference. At our 11.15 service we are also very fortunate in being able to welcome both those who have attended church for many decades, alongside those who may be attending church for the very first time.

We want everyone to be able to encounter God no matter what their age, spiritual style, experience or background. After all we all share one common calling in life: our calling as a child of God. Together, we can explore what it means to live out this calling above all else.

At our 11.15am service, on the weeks we spend all together, we would like to create an environment that builds upon this concept and creates a truly intergenerational community that come to encounter God together.

Through these services, we want to provide opportunities for all to come together, share stories, learn from one another and explore how our individual experience of God impacts our communal perception of God.

We would also love to invite more people to get involved in the planning and delivery of these services. We have created two teams, each with two leaders who will head up a service each month. We would love for anyone who is interested to then join these teams. You can do as much or as little as you would like, from purely attending planning meetings, leading sections of the service to writing a talk! We also hope to be able to offer training soon! Please do chat to myself, Robin Jones, Sue Williams, Lesley Baker or Ian Snares if you are interested and would like to know more. We would also hugely appreciate your prayers and support as we explore and develop this wonderful ministry!

Intergenerational Ministry – Jenny Dicken