Earlier in the year we started a journey with three other families and the help of Robin and Jenny. After our 11:15 service we met upstairs and had our picnic lunch together whilst sat on bean bags. We learnt about ourselves, our families and our relationship with god. We worked together in our family groups to draw pictures and explore these relationships.

Robin set us homework to bring in different ways of communicating. There were mobiles, flags, bells for Morse code, tin can phones and lots more. We looked at different ways of talking to each other, and all the different ways we talk to god, and he talks to us. We also explored things that can remind us, for example a poppy of Remembrance Sunday, a candle of our baptism, photos of things like weddings or a birth and bread and wine for Jesus’ body and blood. We played lots of games like matching pictures with their words and putting the Lord’s Prayer back together after Jenny had jumbled it up and replaced some words with pictures. The last session we learnt how to receive communion, and about the process. We discovered what all the different things found on the table were called and used for.

All our sessions prepared us ready for the fifth weekend, which was the communion service. We all went up to the front to received certificates to show that we had completed the course and spoke about the things we learnt. Later we went up with our families and took communion for the first time. It made us feel happy because we were able share this moment with everybody.
We loved being part of the communion before confirmation course, Thank you Robin and Jenny.

Communion Before Confirmation – Guy & Katy Watson