On 23rd April 2017, Darren Parker will be running the Southampton Marathon to help raise money for restoring the woodwork around the church. We are extremely grateful to Darren for this support and wish him a huge good luck for the run! If you would like to support Darren by sponsoring him, he has created a Just Giving page which is available here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/darren-parker
“Much to my wife’s dismay, I’m always challenging myself in different areas and my latest physical challenge is a marathon. The furthest I’ve run previously has been the Great South run so I know how much 10 miles can hurt, not sure about the other 16 miles yet….
Training has been slow, mid-February I was up to 10 miles running mainly through back pain, surprisingly my stamina was fine and I found myself running in rhythm to Ian and Jonathan’s song “I love god”, it worked really well to distract me and regulate my breathing and pace!  By mid-March I should complete 15 miles, with a further 20 mile run by the end of March and then cutting back to smaller runs. 
I’m grateful that I can try and raise some funds for church restoration and appreciate any support you or your friends may provide.” – Darren Parker

Southampton Marathon 2017