Until a little while ago I didn’t understand the importance of Messy Cafe as I never really knew what its purpose was but that all changed when what I will call a lightbulb moment happened. You see someone explained to me that Messy Cafe is the home group of Messy Church, it’s a time when we can reflect on the Messy Church theme of that month and discuss in more depth any questions that may have been raised as well as a small study into the theme’s scripture. Messy Cafe has an amazing way of extending our Messy Church welcome to not only the Messy Church congregation but to all the congregations across St Wilfrid’s. Therefore, bringing us closer not only to each other but also with God.

Photo: A junk temple created at January’s Messy Church

Having just read the above I can tell I’m really selling it to you! But trust me this is all done in an informal setting over the most amazing bacon rolls, unending cups of tea or coffee and other breakfast treats. There is always a craft activity for little and big hands to do along with some of the weekends newspapers for us to find stories to pray over and be thankful for. Recently, one activity that we really loved as a family was when we thought about Jesus as the light of the world by lighting sparklers.

Messy Cafe is also a great way for a parent that has to work, and so can’t make Messy Church on a Thursday, to be involved with what the rest of the family has been finding out about. It’s a wonderful start to the weekend as there is plenty of time to enjoy breakfast, spend time chatting and catching up with those you may not have had time to in your busy week.

Photo: Play dough jewellery at February’s Messy Church
Messy Cafe – McGannan Family