On Wednesday 7th October I am asking all of us who are part of St Wilfrid’s to pray

Covid has thrown everything up in the air! Like every church in the country – and beyond – we’re wondering what the longer-term impact will be for us here at St Wilfrid’s.

It would be easy to be a bit down about this, but the truth is that God is still working! Jesus is still building His Church. Our world may have changed – but God hasn’t! As it’s written in Isaiah chapter 43, He is doing a new thing.

So on Wednesday 7th October, let’s all pray! Let’s all pray that God might clearly lead us into his very best for St Wilfrid’s and our local community.

Prayer is a two-way conversation.It’s not us simply presenting our shopping list to God. St Paul talks about praying without ceasing and according to God’s heart and will. So let’s commit ourselves to praying and listening.

So please take time on the 7th to pray.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He is saying to the church at this time
  • We’ve written a prayer guide to help and guide us – please download and use it

We will also be holding our Prayer Hour at 7.30pm on Zoom. Please join us if you possibly can – there’s real power when the Church meets together to pray.

And please be willing to share what you think God might be saying to us. We are all part of Jesus’ body and we can all play our part in building the next phase of St Wilfrid’s Cowplain.

Thank you!


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It’s time to PRAY! St Wilfrid’s Day of Prayer – Wednesday 7th October