What’s in a name?

Most churches have mid-week groups of one type or another. Some call theirs Bible-study Groups, others have Fellowship Groups, Home Groups, or a whole host of other, sometimes clever, titles.

They do, however, all serve much the same purpose, and that is to provide an opportunity for church members (and often people with only of foot over the threshold) to meet together, get to know one another rather more effectively than can be managed on a Sunday morning, enjoy one another’s company, and get to grips with some aspect of
the Christian faith, or a particular Bible passage. They will usually also pray together for whatever seems appropriate at the time.

In many of them the members will meet weekly, their programme will run through most of the year, and there is a sort of unspoken understanding that a medium to long-term commitment to the group is the norm. Others meet fortnightly, or even less frequently, usually when the members struggle to find a mutually convenient date for the next meeting.
Whilst in many churches there will be at least one group which will run for a specific short period (often with a single topic in mind) to allow for people who find that they cannot commit to meeting regularly on a long-term basis.

So what have we got at St. Wilfrid’s?

Well the excellent answer is…Most of the above.
We call ours Connect Groups. Many of them meet in the evening and we cater for a wide range of interests, everything from getting to grips with the basics of the Christian faith, to the more serious study of selected Bible passages, or areas of Christian practice. Some groups meet online, others face to face.
If you think it all sounds a bit too much like school, then let us calm your disquiet. They’re not. They are all run to try and make an understanding of our faith more accessible, however much (or little) such exploration you may have done in the past.
They all adopt one simple rule…”There is no such things as a silly question”
So no-one need feel that their contribution to the discussion will be dismissed, or worse still, laughed at.

So why not give one a try. If you are interested and want to know more
then please contact the Vicar, Ian Snares
or the Groups Co-ordinator Clive Williams (023 9257 1745)
and they will happily point you in the right direction.