Here is a small insight into all that The Friday Group have been doing over the last few months!

Sermon Series – Alex Lane

Recently at Friday Group we have been looking at a sermon series on discipleship (mostly following the same sermon series as the rest of the church). Each week we have covered a different topic such as calling, prayer, action and obedience by exploring various readings and the messages we can take from them. One such topic involved putting faith into action by taking a leap of faith. To begin with we paired up and each took trust falls, which involved letting yourself fall backwards, trusting the person behind to catch you to stop you from hitting the floor. While this seemed daunting at first we soon developed enough trust to take it to the next level by stepping up to a bigger (and scarier!) trust fall from a table, this time trusting in the rest of the group to catch you. For this to be successful we each had to trust in both the strength and willingness of our friends to catch us, and luckily for us our faith in each other proved to be well founded!

We then directly compared this concept of complete faith to the story of David and Goliath and, through discussions in small groups, explored how David had absolute trust and faith in God to deliver him from harm’s way. In true Friday Group tradition, we then finished up the evening with a nice hot drink and a selection of cakes! In further weeks, we have looked at a range of examples of discipleship- from the calling of John the Baptist, through to the obedience of Mary when she discovered she was to bear the son of god.

Overall the series has helped the group progress in our individual journeys of faith and has helped us to understand the concept of discipleship and the role it plays in our lives.

Fish & Chip Quiz – Sophie Inwood

It has been scientifically proven that team quizzes can not only raise a lot of funds for charity, but can actually bring the team of people closer to one another. Apparently, this is also true when writing a quiz as a team. When The Friday Group were asked to run the fish and chips quiz to raise money for Soul Action, we were quite slightly daunted at the responsibility of having to run a quiz for so many people, for such an important and amazing cause. However, once we had sorted ourselves into small groups and began looking into categories such as Past GCSE Questions, Food and Drink, The Queen at 90, The Olympics and Music, we found ourselves enjoying the challenge of researching and making individual questions for each of the several topics and rounds.

When the night of the quiz came, the whole hall seemed to be filled with energy and everyone seemed to have a really good time, not only was the evening full of entertainment for the quiz teams and The Friday Group, but it was also an amazing opportunity for the youth group to connect with the church family whilst raising £274.20 for Soul Action.

The Great Friday Group Bake Off – Phoebe Ashton

On Friday 28th October, the Friday Group held their very own ‘bake-off’ in the kitchen of St Wilfrid’s.

The bakers were provided with basic ingredients – but could bring whatever they liked to make their creations unique – and were given two hours to create a harvest themed bake.

The group set off measuring and mixing and everyone was having lots of fun! Especially Robin, who was so caught up in the atmosphere of the kitchen that he forgot to add the sugar to his brownies! Needless to say, they didn’t rank very well with the judges, but everyone’s bakes were eaten and enjoyed, and in the end Chloe and Phoebe won star bakers.

Friday Group Update!