The Friday Group

The Friday Group (not the coolest of names, but we’ve never come up with anything better!) is for young people aged 14 – 18 (school years 9 - 13) to meet up and get to know themselves, each other and Jesus better.

The group meets in St. Wilfrid’s Church hall from 7.30 – 10.15pm on Friday evenings through term time, and often in the school holidays too.

In a typical session we share a meal, explore the Christian faith through discussion, drama and other media; play games, have fun, eat cake and drink hot chocolate! Every half term we meet up with other youth groups in the area for worship and fun, usually on a Sunday evening.

From time to time we do bigger events, such as ‘Slum Survivor,’ when we challenged ourselves to live for a weekend the way a billion spend a lifetime, in a slum made from recycled materials, and living off 2 meals of rice and lentils a day. We have also done other fundraising events, as well as service in the community.

The Friday Group welcomes all young people, regardless of whether they have strong beliefs or none, whether they’ve been going to church all their lives, or never set foot in a church before. We journey together.

The group is run in partnership by St. Wilfrid’s, Cowplain, All Saints, Catherington and St. James, Clanfield.

If you’d like to know more, Jenny Tait or Robin Jones would love to hear from you.

07910 392262 (Jenny)
07894 662042 (Robin)

Joint Youth Celebration

The ‘Joint Youth Celebration’ joins churches together from the Waterlooville area (including Portsdown, Crookhorn & Cowplain) meeting as a family of all ages to learn more about God and have fun. Our celebrations are co-led by young people from the churches involved; a typical session will include:
Creative Prayer
Topical Talk
We meet roughly twice a term from 6:30pm – 8pm and move around the various churches.

Joint Youth Celebration

Please Contact us to find out more.