11.15am - Informal Worship Service

The 11.15am service is our all-age worship service!

We're a truly multi-generational congregation and aim to create services that allow each person, whether 5 or 85, to be engaged and encounter God. Children of all ages are very welcome and will remain in the entire service (toys are provided if wanted) to enable you to worship as a family. Please join us after the service to enjoy tea, coffee, biscuits and some wonderful company!

Our services consist of a time of confession, a sermon of approximately 10 minutes, prayers and an affirmation of faith as well as lots of fun illustrations that could include role-plays, videos or games! Holy Communion is taken once a month and we also sing a range of songs, led by our very own music group that usually consists of guitars, piano, drum box, clarinet/flute & vocalists.


9.30am - Holy Communion

Our 9.30am service is a comfortable and traditional service following familiar liturgy that includes Holy Communion. These services also include two readings, a 15-20-minute sermon, intercessions, an affirmation of faith, a time of confession and a wide range of hymns. These hymns are led by our church choir, accompanied by one of our very talented organists. Within this service there is plenty of room for thoughtful reflection, learning more from scripture and worshipping God. Join us straight after the service for tea, coffee, biscuits and plenty of time to chat! 

8.00am - Reflective Holy Communion (Said Service)

The 8:00am is a quiet, short service of around 45 minutes. Whilst there is no singing, this is a peaceful, contemplative service that allows people of a wide range of ages to worship individually but simultaneously become part of a friendly community.

This service starts promptly at 8am and involves a sermon of approximately 15 minutes, liturgy including Holy Communion, an affirmation of faith and a time of confession. Many attendees stay after the service for a chat in the hall, where tea, coffee and biscuits or cakes are provided!