Dear all at St Wilfrid’s,

Thank you! Thank you so much for all the support, prayer, encouragement and financial donations you have so kindly given me over the past years. I have now been here at St Wilfrid’s for 4 ½ years. I have had the wonderful opportunity to complete a Gap Year, my Foundation Year and now my degree through the opportunity provided by St Wilfrid’s Church!

In June 2018 I will complete my degree and (God-willing) graduate with a degree in Applied Theology: Family and Community Studies. I will then be (again, God-willing!) finding a job and serving God in this area of ministry.

My time at St Wilfrid’s has been extremely valuable. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from so many different people, to join exciting teams and projects and to start up new ideas. Whilst I have been here I have been fortunate enough to join the Messy Church core team – planning and leading activities to help families of all shapes and sizes to meet with God; the Ministry Team – having the wonderful opportunity to deliver talks at all kinds of services; the Communications team, the music group and The Ark and Little Fishes teams.

I have also been part of The Friday Group team, through which I have been able to meet, disciple and journey with young people whether from St Wilfrid’s, All Saints Catherington, St James’ Clanfield or those from no church.

As well as joining existing teams I have had some great opportunities to start up new ideas. In January 2017 I led a group of families through the Communion before Confirmation course which I had planned and written myself. Following on from this success I have also started Family Sunday’s – a chance for families to develop in their faith together and learn more about God and the Bible. Recently I’ve also had the opportunity to help lead our first Prayer Spaces in Schools.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Wilfrid’s and look forwards to all that these last 6 months may hold! Again, thank you all so much for your encouragement, prayers and financial support. More from me soon!

Photo: discussions at Friday Group

A Big Thank You! – Robin Jones